AgeWell New York Honored for its Support of the Underserviced Chinese Community

AgeWell New York was honored at the 21st annual fundraiser for The Chinese Community Partnership for Health (CCPH) Foundation at New York-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital for its continued support in educating the underserviced Chinese community.

The hospital reached its 21st year milestone of service and held a special fundraiser to help continue to provide vital services to the community, and to recognize those who support the mission of CCPH. AgeWell New York was among those honorees.  Amy Mung, Director of Asian Program represented AgeWell New York to receive the award. According to the CCPH, the organization was founded in 1993 to address the basic health care needs of the underserviced Asian American community.

The mission of the CCPH is to broaden healthcare access and to provide educational opportunities and services to the Chinese community. CCPH provides a comprehensive program of interactive diabetes courses, health related presentations, flu vaccine, outreach services and health care screenings.