Safety First! June is National Safety Month

JuneInjuries are a leading cause of disability for people of all ages – and they are the leading cause of death for Americans ages 1 to 44.

June is National Safety Month and AgeWell New York is committed to ensuring your safety at home, at work, or in the car .


Follow the simple safety checklist.

  • Make sure you know where the smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are located in your home and in the workplace.
  • Frequently check all carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Check all appliances and power tools before leaving work- make sure you turn everything off.
  • Do not text or talk on the phone while driving- It’s the law.
  • Be sure to know the correct dosages for your medicine and what it’s being used for, along with the expiration date.
  • Write down the poison control number (1-800-222-1222) and keep it next to your home phone. Add it to your cell phone as well.
  • Have a safety screen in place in front of a fireplace.
  • Make sure TVs are properly secured to walls or in or on a sturdy cabinet
  • Remove any objects on your floor or steps that can cause you to fall. Check for uneven or broken staircases or loose handrails.
  • Have a sturdy step stool with handrails, or a utility ladder to reach high cabinets or shelves. Think about a  slip-resistant surface in the shower or tub.

Safety starts with you!